Seragaki Aoba . Dramatical Murder (sweet pool crossover fanart)

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Photography by: Wanda-Chi (1st) & Raquel Pipa Photography  (2nd n’ 3rd)

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Gareki & Nai

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kazumeakuji said: I saw your pictures and wondering what kind of camera you use?

It really depends! i used to use my old Nikon D70, but now i have a D80! Also my photographers either use mine or theirs which are also Nikon models, mostly D3100 and related ^^

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My Yato cosplay from Noragami.

Photography by Raquel Pipa

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I want to swim a real relay, with teammates who really want to be there. Anything else would feel meaningless, even if we did win.

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Kirishima Ayato or Akashi requested by leviackermanz

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Ep. 9 Monogatari Series Second Season

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Even adults want to play hide and seek!

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